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50+ Years Providing the Best Lawn Care in Nashville

If you want a healthy, green lawn without the hassle of yard work, you’re in the right place! Our lawn care experts will take care of weed control, aeration, and everything in between. With free estimates, custom treatments, and guaranteed results, there’s no one better than Southern Spray.
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Just recently purchased a new house that was not well maintained on the outside. I found the staff at Southern Spray to be VERY professional and knowledgeable.

Nashville Office

307 Glenrose Avenue Nashville, TN 37210

Lawn Care Nashville

The only thing harder than achieving the lawn of your dreams is maintaining it. Luckily, our lawn care in Nashville is here to help! We offer services that are designed to make your grass healthier than ever while preventing issues like lawn disease and stubborn weeds. All you have to do is sit back, relax, and let our technicians handle the rest!

Our lawn care services in Nashville include:


Family-Friendly Lawn Care

You shouldn’t have to choose between using family-friendly products and having a great lawn. With our lawn care in Nashville, you don’t have to! All our services use high-quality products that are regulated by the EPA and safe for your entire family, including your pets. To make things even easier, you don’t have to be at home for our treatments! We can coordinate your appointment ahead of time, then treat your property while you’re at work.

When you partner with Southern Spray, our expert technicians will:

  • Evaluate your lawn’s current conditions and listen to your concerns.
  • Create a personalized treatment plan that meets your property’s needs.
  • Use family-friendly products to give you noticeable results.
  • Schedule treatments every 5-7 weeks to keep your lawn looking great year-round.
  • Give you our satisfaction guarantee.

Feed Your Lawn with Quality Fertilizers

A lawn that’s healthy and growing uses a lot of energy, and it consumes more nutrients than what’s naturally in your soil. When there are no more nutrients, you’ll start to get yellow, thin grass that eventually dies. The only way to reverse this damage is with lawn fertilization in Nashville. We use a quality blend of nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium to encourage vibrant color and deep root growth.

We Guarantee You’ll See Results

We know our lawn care in Nashville works, and we want you to feel just as confident. That’s why our services come with a satisfaction guarantee! If you’re unhappy with the results of your treatment, let us know within 30 days and we’ll come back to re-treat at no additional charge. With Southern Spray, you’ll always get the results you want!


Grub Control in Nashville

If you notice your grass has brown, patchy, or dead spots, you may have grub damage. Grubs are the larvae of dozens of types of beetles, and they feed off your grassroots, preventing new roots from growing. What's worse is that they could also indicate an incoming beetle or mole infestation.

When it comes to grub control, our technicians are experts! You can count on us to time your grub control treatments perfectly for maximum effectiveness, and to use the most advanced granular treatments to stop them in their tracks! The end result is a gorgeous, healthy lawn free of grubs for the long term.

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Your Satisfaction is Guaranteed

We are so confident that you will be satisfied with our personalized lawn care in Nashville that we personally guarantee it. Our highly trained technicians will keep you in the loop throughout the duration of your treatments, so you know exactly what to expect. The best part? If you’re unhappy with your results within 30 days of our last treatment, we’ll come back and treat again—absolutely free! 

Lawn Care Service Area in Nashville

We also offer lawn care services in other areas around Nashville. Check out this list to see if our technicians offer services in your town:

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