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Increase your home’s value with healthy trees and shrubs

Trees and shrubs not only add beauty and health to your landscape, but did you know they can also increase your home’s value by 20%? Although having a beautiful landscape is beneficial, it’s also hard to maintain. Trees & shrubs grow and change over time as each new season brings insect, disease and weather challenges. These problems can damage and destroy the beauty and health of your property. Don't risk the valuable investment you've made with your ornamentals. When you put them in our care, you receive expert tree and shrub care you can trust at an affordable price.

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Tree and Shrub Care in Tennessee & Mississippi

Southern Spray is a family-owned business that has been caring for yards in the community since 1972. During that time, we've learned a lot about tree and shrub care in Tennessee and have perfected our ornamental care process. From season to season, we monitor and treat insect and disease activity, providing custom-blended fertilizer for improved growth, bloom potential, and general health.

Healthy Trees and Shrubs Throughout the Year

Our tree and shrub services include pre-emergents, fertilization, and more to give you healthy trees and shrubs throughout the year!

In Memphis:

  • Round 1 -- Early Season: dormant oil spray for control of over-wintering insects, eggs and fungal spores
  • Round 2 -- Spring: pre-emergent spray to help control weeds in beds
  • Round 3 -- Late Spring: disease and insect control
  • Round 4 -- Early Summer: disease and insect control, and balanced fertilization
  • Round 5 -- Summer: Disease and insect control
  • Round 6 -- Late Summer: Disease and insect control, winter fertilization
  • Round 7 -- Fall: Pre-emergent spray to help control weeds in beds
  • Round 8 -- Winter: Dormant oil spray for control of over-wintering insects, eggs and spores

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In Nashville:

  • Round 1 — Early Season: deep root fertilization for optimum plant health
  • Round 2 — Spring: Insect and disease controls are selectively applied to protect against pathogens that occur at leaf break.
  • Round 3 — Late Spring: Insect and disease controls are again applied for protection against invading early summer pests.
  • Round 4 — Early Summer: A careful inspection and selective spray for mites, bagworms and lace bugs.
  • Round 5 — Summer: The final fungicide and insecticide application for insects and diseases active in cooler weather.
  • Round 6 — Fall: A balanced, 100% slow release granular fertilizer will be applied in order to winterize plants.
  • Round 7 — Winter: Dormant oil spray to control over-wintering insects such as scale

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Areas We Service in Tennessee

We provide tree and shrub care in: