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Over 47 Years Providing The Best Lawn Care in Cordova

Put your turf in our hands and you can have the best lawn on the block! At Southern Spray, we use the right combination of weed control and fertilization to grow your lawn healthy and vibrant. As a result, you'll get the landscape you've always wanted without the stress of maintaining it. Your neighbors will be so impressed that your landscape will be the talk of the block!

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Lawn Care Cordova

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Effective Lawn Treatments for Year-Long Results

With over 40 years of professional lawn care experience in Cordova, Southern Spray knows what it takes to make your grass thrive. We developed our 8-treatment program to combat the seasonal risks to your lawn—and to win the battle every time. Our Cordova lawn care technicians use the most advanced techniques and Integrated Pest Management solutions to keep your grass healthy despite changing weather conditions, insects, and weeds. We use the best fertilizers and most effective weed management materials for your grass, including lime for our acidic soil conditions. Plus, you get the peace of mind that comes with knowing the products we use are:

  • 100% safe children
  • Completely safe for pets 
  • Regulated by the EPA

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Aeration in Cordova

Compact soil makes it difficult for grass to establish a healthy root system, and prevents water and fertilizer from reaching the roots. During the aeration process, we remove thousands of small plugs of soil from your lawn, creating a direct path for air, water, and fertilizer to reach the root system. This allows your grass to grow deeper, stronger roots. Our fall aeration service in Cordova will help your lawn recover from the harsh summer and ensure your lawn is ready for spring! 

Your lawn takes a lot of abuse from the Tennessee climate. Our aeration service in Cordova will make your lawn flourish. By aerating your lawn every fall, you can combat damage and have:

  • Improved fertilizer uptake and use
  • Better resiliency and cushioning
  • Reduced water and runoff
  • And more!

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Grub Control in Cordova

Homeowners in Tennessee know just how destructive grubs—the larvae of several types of beetles—can be to a lawn. They are a hassle to get rid of and can destroy your lawn by eating the roots of your plants and killing off the grass! If left alone, grubs will grow into beetles and begin the mating cycle, making your problem even worse.

Grubs also attract another type of pest: moles. Once moles find their favorite food source is living in your lawn, they will tunnel around under, creating an uneven and unsightly yard. Don’t let such a small pest wreak havoc on your beautiful yard—let Southern Spray put an end to your infestation today by getting grub control in Cordova!

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Tree and Shrub Care in Cordova

With so many types of trees in Tennessee, it takes a team of experts with specialized knowledge to provide the effective care they need—especially with seasonal threats from the weather, pests, and fungal diseases. At Southern Spray, we are that team! Starting with a detailed landscape analysis, we will develop a customized plan that addresses everything your plants need to stay healthy throughout the year.

Our technicians will implement a 6-cycle tree and shrub service plan, delivering:

  • Comprehensive fungus and pest control
  • Seasonal fertilization
  • Pre-emergent and dormant oil sprays
  • Organic root stimulator
  • And more!

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Christmas Decorating in Cordova

Here at Southern Spray, we’re in the business of making our client’s properties the finest on the block. While we usually achieve this through our lawn care services, we can also make your home the nicest in the neighborhood with our cheerful Christmas displays. 

When you talk with our technicians about the ideas you have in mind, they’ll map out a design, making sure that it highlights the features of your home. We want Christmas decorating in Cordova to be simple, and that’s why we:

  • Hang garland and wreaths
  • Install all lights on your home
  • Display lawn art (no animatronics)
  • Make sure your display is safe and not a fire hazard
  • Install and program timers on the lights
  • Custom-fit lights to your home (if desired)

We’ll Even Handle Cleanup & Storage

With our services for Christmas decorating in Cordova, we will take down all the decorations we put up, tie up the lights, and store them in our climate-controlled warehouse. Come next year, when it’s time to decorate again, we’ll replace any bulbs that have gone out. We talk to our lighting and decoration suppliers throughout the year and stay up-to-date on the newest ideas in Christmas decorations in the market, so you know you’re getting the best decorating services available.

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We strive to make lawn care in Cordova as enjoyable as possible, starting with your very first contact with us. We give recommendations, explain our processes and answer any all of your questions. In addition, our technicians will always tailor your lawn care to your landscape. You don't even have to be home when we treat your lawn—we've got everything handled. We'll check in afterward by phone to make sure you're happy!

Our goal is to exceed your expectations with our lawn service in Cordova. We even offer a service guarantee to back it up—if weeds persist within 30 days of treatment, we'll re-treat at no cost to you! After all, we think you deserve thick, green grass this season—and every season.

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