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50 Years Providing The Best Lawn Care in Green Hills

What homeowner doesn’t want a beautifully green, healthy lawn? The problem with having a healthy lawn is the amount of time and effort it takes to maintain it. Luckily for you, we can handle it all! With year-round lawn care in Green Hills from Southern Spray, you can have a healthy, thriving lawn without having to lift a finger. Put your lawn into the hands of our experts and enjoy a beautiful yard without the hassle!

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I’ve dealt with Colin and Jon for many years and have always found that they and Southern Spray are always very professional. I would highly recommend them.

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Lawn Care in Green Hills

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Family-Friendly Treatments

With 50 years in the business in Nashville towns, no one knows lawns here better than Southern Spray. We have perfected our lawn services in Green Hills, and can transform even the unhealthiest lawns into gorgeous, vibrant grass! Best of all, we only use family-friendly, EPA-approved products to treat your lawn!

Year-Round Treatment For a Lawn You’ll Love

Since 1972, we have been providing professional lawn care in Belle Mede. We’ve discovered that the only way to have a truly healthy, beautiful lawn is to provide year-round lawn care. Most importantly, our treatments are customized to your lawn’s needs! 

Our year-round Green Hills lawn care services includes:

  • Post-emergent weed control to kill the weeds currently living in your lawn.
  • Pre-emergent weed control to prevent more weeds from growing.
  • Seasonal lawn fertilization to promote healthy roots.
  • Disease prevention and treatment (if needed).
  • Aeration and seeding.
  • Lime control to raise the pH level of your soil.
  • And more!

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Aeration and Seeding in Green Hills

Aeration and seeding in Green Hills are both essential steps toward achieving a lush and healthy lawn. The foundation of beautiful turf is quality soil that can properly absorb water and nutrients. Regular use, such as walking or mowing, can take a toll on your lawn as the soil becomes compacted. This creates a layer of thatch, making it difficult for your lawn to get the nutrients it needs to thrive.

Reap the Benefits of Aeration

Aeration pulls small plugs of soil out of your lawn so that it can breathe and is primed for absorption. Following this service, it is beneficial to seed your lawn as the soil is now in optimal condition, this allows new roots and grass to grow. We utilize high-quality turf-type tall fescue in our overseeding services. Still not sold on whether or not your lawn needs it? Some of the benefits of aeration in Green Hills are:

  • New growth
  • Better oxygen intake
  • Improved absorption of water and nutrients
  • More resilience against diseases and pests

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Grub Control in Green Hills

Grubs can wreak havoc on your lawn, turning your vibrant green lawn into an unsightly brown eyesore. Not only that, but it could mean a beetle or wildlife infestation is to come! If you have a grub infestation taking over your lawn, let the experts at Southern Spray manage it before your yard takes a turn for the worse. We offer quality grub control in Green Hills to help you take back your lawn and maintain a grub-free and beautiful yard! 

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Tree and Shrub Care in Green Hills

Each new season brings on new seasonal threats to your plants, meaning that maintaining a healthy, vibrant landscape requires ongoing attention. Our trained tree and shrub care specialists in Green Hills will continually work to protect your plants from various seasonal pest and disease threats through our 6-cycle treatment program. The best part? When you restore your plants and keep them healthy, they are able to resist more diseases naturally. 

Your tree and shrub care in Green Hills will include:

  • Seasonal Fertilization
  • Pest, Disease and Fungus Control
  • Pre-Emergent and Dormant Oil Sprays
  • Root Stimulation
  • And more!

Save $20 on tree & shrub care!

Flea and Tick Control in Green Hills

Don't let fleas and ticks ruin your time outdoors; trust Southern Spray for expert pest prevention instead! Our flea control and tick control services are guaranteed to keep you and your pets safe all season long. When you trust our technicians with your yard, you'll get: 

  • FREE quotes: Get a personalized estimate for your yard's protection.
  • Convenient scheduling: Choose a time that works best for you.
  • Targeted applications: Our experts eradicate fleas and ticks fast and efficiently.
  • Reasonable prices: Enjoy effective pest control without breaking the bank.
  • Satisfaction guaranteed: Still seeing fleas and ticks in your yard? Give us a call, and we'll come right back.

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Lawn Fungus Control in Green Hills

Are you tired of seeing brown patches ruining your once lush and vibrant lawn? Don't let lawn diseases take over your yard and destroy all your hard work. At Southern Spray, we have over 50 years of experience in lawn care, and we are here to help you fight back against lawn disease in Green Hills.

Why choose our lawn disease control service in Green Hills?

1. In-depth inspections: Our team of experts will thoroughly inspect your lawn to identify any signs of disease. We leave no stone unturned, ensuring that we catch the problem at its root.

2. Eco-friendly lawn treatments: We understand the importance of protecting the environment while still getting rid of lawn diseases. That's why we use eco-friendly treatments that are safe for your family and pets.

3. Significant reduction in disease: With our proven lawn disease treatment methods, you can expect a significant reduction in disease and a healthier, greener lawn. Say goodbye to those unsightly brown patches!

4. Brown Patch prevention: Green Hills' climate creates the perfect breeding ground for lawn disease-causing pathogens and fungus. Our team is equipped with the knowledge and tools to prevent Brown Patch from wreaking havoc on your yard.

Don't let lawn diseases damage the beauty of your yard any longer. Trust the experts at Southern Spray to provide you with top-notch grass disease control and lawn fungus control. Our personalized care and effective treatments will give you the results you can trust – guaranteed!

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100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Here at Southern Spray, we are a family-owned, locally operated business with strong roots in our community. Not only do we pride ourselves on providing the friendliest customer service, but we also stand behind our treatments 100%. With free re-treatments within 30 days if problems persist, you can rest easy knowing Southern Spray has your back when it comes to lawn care in Green Hills.

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