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Southern Spray Lawn Services

Young adults standing around a grill, enjoying their yard thanks to Southern Spray Lawn Care

Southern Spray is a lawn care company in Tennessee that services the metro regions of both Memphis and Nashville. We offer complete lawn care services that include fertilization, weed control, tree and shrub care, aeration and seeding, and much more! We tailor our services to the unique climate and conditions of Tennessee to ensure you get healthy, strong grass in every season. Are you ready to start enjoying your backyard? Explore our services to learn how we can help you today!

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Lawn Care

It's time to get the yard you've always wanted—without the hassle of maintaining it! We employ the latest techniques and solutions to give you strong, healthy turf all year-round. Learn more!

Aeration & Seeding

Do you know the secret to beautifully healthy grass? Our aeration services in Memphis and aeration and seeding services in Nashville can turn around the effects of drought, stress, or insect and disease damage that keep it from thriving. You'll be left with dense, strong turf that greens up beautifully! Learn more!

Tree & Shrub Care

Trees and shrubs not only add beauty and health to your landscape, but they can also increase your home’s value by 20%! From season to season, we’ll monitor and treat insect and disease activity. Learn more!

Grub Control

Grubs—the larvae of Japanese beetles, June Bugs, and other beetles—can wreak serious havoc on your lawn by feeding on its roots and creating unsightly brown patches. We have the solutions you need! Learn more!

Flea & Tick Control

Fleas and ticks aren't just a nuisance—they also carry diseases that are harmful to both humans and pets. Protect your family and pets today with our Nashville mosquito and tick control! Learn more!

Christmas Decorating

When it comes to decorating your home for Christmas in Memphis, we take care of absolutely everything. Just tell us what you want, and we'll purchase the products and install everything. It's just that simple! Learn more!

Vegetation Management

When weeds and unwanted grass build up around your plant or office, it can look unprofessional. We’ll keep your property weed-free all year with our vegetation management services! Learn more!

Additional Services

To ensure you’re protected from every angle, we also offer other additional services to our lawn care that includes bush hog mowing and sports field management. Learn more!