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Kick Out Fleas & Ticks - Make Your Yard Safe Again

Having fleas and ticks in your yard can put your loved ones and furry friends in danger, not only for disease, but also irritating bites. Ticks also burrow into the skin, making for an unpleasant and tricky removal. With Southern Spray, however, you don’t have to worry about these pests any longer.

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Flea & Tick Control in Cordova

If you live near wooded areas or tall grass, chances are you’re familiar with fleas and ticks. Those chances go way up if you also have a pet, regardless of whether they love the outdoors or hate it. Those pests can linger in your yard, waiting for the right moment to catch a ride inside on your ankle or to burrow into your dog’s fur. Luckily, we’ve been providing exceptional flea and tick control in Cordova for over 40 years, and have it down to a science. With us on your side, you’ll get:

  • A free estimate based on your property and its needs.
  • One of a kind treatment from an expert technician, with special attention paid to hiding places like trees, flower beds, and wooded areas.
  • Spray treatments that act like a barrier, creating a protective coating against fleas and ticks.

Protect the Ones You Love

Sure, fleas and ticks are unsightly, and their bites can put a damper on things, but did you know they were also dangerous? Fleas and ticks both carry diseases that can be transmitted to humans and animals, putting you and your furry friends in danger of contracting Lyme disease, tapeworms, or bartonella, among other things. With our Cordova flea and tick control, however, those worries are a thing of the past.

Tough on Fleas & Ticks, Easy on Your Family

The presence of fleas and ticks already puts your family in enough danger, getting rid of those pests should not be dangerous, too. That is why we take special care to make our treatments safe to use around you and your family. We keep our treatments as noninvasive as possible, minimizing the chances curious fingers or paws come into contact with something they should not. We are here to kick pests to the curb while keeping your family safe and healthy with our Cordova flea and tick treatments.

Flea & Tick Free, Guaranteed

We’re so confident that our Cordova flea and tick control will yield only the best results that we even guarantee it. If you are not happy about any aspect of our services, we will return to remedy the situation, which includes re-treating your home at no additional cost to you. We are not happy unless you are!

Get our guaranteed protection now. It all starts with a free inspection!

Save Some Cash

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