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Want thicker, healthier grass? We'll make it happen!

The hot summer months in Tennessee bring drought stress, insects, and diseases that can prevent your lawn from thriving. If you're tired of weak, patchy turf, we have the solution. At Southern Spray, we know the secret to getting your grass strong and vibrant--aeration and seeding! With our aeration and seeding service in Nashville, your lawn will grow green and dense--just the way you like it!

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I’ve dealt with Colin and Jon for many years and have always found that they and Southern Spray are always very professional. I would highly recommend them.

Aeration & Seeding Nashville

Here at Southern Spray, we are dedicated to creating and maintaining beautiful lawns, and we have been for over 40 years. For best results, we perform our aeration and seeding services in Nashville during the fall.

  • For aeration: Our technicians will remove small plugs of soil that improve air exchange--actually helping your lawn to breathe.
  • For seeding:  Next, we'll overseed with high-quality turf type tall fescue--that keeps working through Halloween! 

A Lush Lawn You Will Love!

Aeration and seeding are vital to your lawn's overall health, helping it absorb the water and nutrients necessary for a healthy spring green up. In addition to creating a lawn you'll take pride in, aeration and seeding in Nashville provides so many benefits for your lawn:

  • Strengthens roots
  • Saves water
  • Improves uptake of fertilizer and nutrients
  • Reduces soil compaction
  • And more!

Customer Service You Can Count On

We believe in going above and beyond with every service, including our aeration and seeding in Nashville. For example, we use twice the rate of seed as other companies--and it's high-quality seed, not commercial grade. We'll leave extra seed to fill holes if needed--and even set your irrigation system! Your satisfaction is so important to us that we follow up with a phone call to make sure you're happy.

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Our Yearly Lawn Care Program

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