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Do you want a beautiful landscape?

Trees and shrubs enrich the beauty of any landscape. Neglecting the plants in your yard can not only lead to overgrown shrubs and trees growing too close to powerlines and your home-- but could also allow diseases and insects to slowly destroy your lawn. Here at Southern Spray, we can take the aggravation of maintaining the beauty of your landscape out of your hands with our professional tree and shrub care in Collierville.

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Tree & Shrub Care in Collierville

With over four decades in the industry, we know how to care for the wide variety of trees and shrubs that live here in Tennessee. Our technicians have perfected the ornamental care, so you can rest assured that your trees and shrubs will thrive. Tree and shrub care in Collierville isn’t just about applying fertilizer, as there is a great deal of knowledge that goes into proper tree care. If a tree doesn’t get the right attention, it can fall victim to disease and possibly die.

You Deserve a Beautiful Yard

When we take care of a yard, we guarantee that it will look beautiful year-round. We start by performing a complete landscape analysis and then create a plan that is tailored to your unique needs. Your program for tree and shrub care in Collierville will include:

  • Complete fungus and pest control
  • Pre-emergent sprays for weed control in garden beds
  • Dormant oil sprays
  • Organic root stimulator
  • Customized fertilizer depending on the time of year
  • Insecticides

A Healthy Landscape - Guaranteed

Aside from keeping your landscape healthy and allowing it to flourish, having healthy trees and shrubs can add 20% to your property value. This is just another reason to take advantage of tree care in Collierville. We know how busy everyday life can be, so rather than spending your time maintaining your trees and shrubs, why not spend that time with your friends and family? We’ll provide you with a beautiful landscape all year round, and that’s our guarantee to you. If you happen to have any disease or insect infestations on the plants we’ve treated, we will respray at no extra charge!

Are you ready to have thriving trees and shrubs all year long?

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