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A green, healthy lawn in Nashville is possible!

Here at Southern Spray, our mission is to promote and maintain healthy growth for your lawn all year-long. For that reason, we tailor your lawn care services to the specific needs of your lawn in Nashville. Our Lawn Care and Aeration & Seeding package provides all that your grass needs to stay healthy and vibrant throughout the year. Because our high-quality products are regulated by the EPA, they're also safe for your children and pets!

Nashville Lawn Care and Aeration & Seeding Package

Our expert technicians will deliver the following applications every 5-7 weeks:

  • Early Season: Pre-emergent weed control for crabgrass, and spray for overwintering broadleaf weeds.
  • Spring: Additional pre-emergent spray to extend grassy weed control throughout summer, broadleaf weed control, and balanced fertilizer to increase color and root growth.
  • Late Spring: Granular fertilization to enhance root uptake and maintain green up, and spraying for late germinating broadleaf weeds as well as nutsedge.
  • Early Summer/Summer: Granular slow-release fertilization that is low in Nitrogen and high in Organic and micro-nutrients. We will spray for any weeds.
  • Summer/Late Summer: Non-Burning Lime or Calcium equivalent, spray for tough summer weeds (Johnsongrass and Violets are not guaranteed).
  • Fall: Granular Seed Starter fertilizer for Fescue lawns, fall pre-emergent for Bermuda/Zoysia lawns.
  • Winter: Post-emergent spray for weeds with a winterizing fertilizer.​

Aeration and Seeding to Give Your Lawn a Boost

With our comprehensive package, we'll also thoroughly aerate your lawn in September-October, and then over-seed with high-quality turf type tall fescue. This seeding will continue growing through Spring, and it will give your lawn the boost it needs after a harsh summer! Our aeration and overseeding includes:

  • Clean, professional aeration with our ride-on aerators
  • Twice the rate of seed as other companies
  • High-quality, 100% weed free Blue Tag seed (not contractor grade)
  • 5 pounds complimentary seed left at your front door for any thin areas.

We'll even set your irrigation system for a small fee if you have one. If you don't, no problem. We'll give you clear watering instructions to keep the seeds viable!

Are you ready to get started on the lawn of your dreams? Get a free quote!