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Are grubs feasting on your yard? Let us stop them!

If you suspect your lawn could have grubs, we can help! Grubs destroy your lawn from the roots up, and our grub control in Brentwood can help save your lawn. These nasty pests are the larvae of a wide range of beetles, including Japanese beetles and Junebugs. If grubs are left untreated in your lawn, you’ll soon have a beetle problem to make matters even worse! Don’t let your lawn get eaten away by grubs, let the experts at Southern Spray help.

You won't find a better company to work with! Customer service is outstanding!

Grub Control in Brentwood

When you suspect grubs have made their way into your yard, you need a fast acting solution. Not only do grubs kill your lawn, but they also invite the neighborhood wildlife to come and tear up your grass even more. While our treatments will kill the grubs in your lawn, they won’t kill beneficial insects like earthworms--you want these bugs to stick around because they’ll help your lawn thrive!

Protect Your Lawn

Here at Southern Spray, we only use the best treatments and most up-to-date technology to kill grubs. Only with years of experience will a lawn care professional know the exact right time to treat a lawn for grubs, and how to apply those treatments with expertise. When you partner with Southern Spray, you’ll get:

  • Experienced technicians that use granular insecticides to exterminate grubs
  • The expertise of a locally-owned company with your best interest at heart
  • Easy, flexible scheduling to accommodate your schedule
  • Open communication with you on how we’ll solve your lawn’s grub problems

Superior Customer Service

Being the best name for grub control in Brentwood isn’t just having the best technicians that apply the best treatments--it also means having superior customer service. Our friendly staff is waiting to answer any question you have. And, with our transparent pricing and open communication, you’ll never have to worry about being left in the dark when we treat your lawn.

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