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The Christmas Decor of Your Dreams Is Waiting

The time before the holidays is running low - you still have gifts to wrap and food to cook. How many years have you run out of time to put up Christmas decorations the way you like? Don’t just throw them up this year - have your Christmas decor done professionally by Southern Spray!

I’ve dealt with Colin and Jon for many years and have always found that they and Southern Spray are always very professional. I would highly recommend them.

Christmas Decorating in Germantown

We want your Christmas decorations to look just as beautiful as you want them to be. Our Germantown Christmas decor professionals will take the time to discuss your needs and customize a plan specifically for your home. Climbing up ladders and lining up lights is a thing of the past for you. We have a team of people that will leave your home looking stunning without you lifting a finger. When joining teams with us this season, our Christmas decorating services in Germantown we will:

  • Create customized lighting
  • Place and set all timers
  • Ensure your displays are safe and not a fire hazard
  • Purchase all decor
  • Cleanup and store decorations in January

Professional Design and Installation

With our professional help, you can get the best-looking house in Germantown this Christmas! Our trained Germantown Christmas decor technicians will provide you with all of your decoration needs safely and quickly. We take pride in helping our neighbors in Germantown have the best time this year. Don’t just skip decor if you don’t have time. Come to us and we’ll provide you with everything from design to installation. When installing your custom decor, we’ll use:

  • Wreaths
  • Display lawn art (no animatronics)
  • Custom lights
  • Garlands
  • And more!

Clean Up On Us

That’s right - your least favorite part of the season is now our job! In January, we will come back and clean up all of the Christmas decorations we initially put up. Our Germantown Christmas decoration professionals will even pack, label, and store everything for the next year. Sounds nice, doesn't it? Save some time this holiday season and contact Southern Spray. You’ll end up with not only a beautiful home but more time to hang out with your loved ones. Call and ask about our services at 615-248-4455!


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