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Need help decorating for Christmas?

It’s always fun to get into the holiday spirit, but all the hard work and preparation can sometimes put a damper on the festivities themselves. Decorating the outside of a house, especially, can be a nightmare for any homeowner. Here at Southern Spray, we want to help relieve these stresses and spread the holiday cheer with our professional Christmas decorating in Franklin. We’ve become so good at decorating for the holidays that we’ve decorated the homes of various celebrities, and now we want to decorate for you!

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Christmas Decorating in Franklin

If you don’t want to deal with unpredictable winter weather and the frustration of decorating your home for the holidays, we’ll do it for you. We will come to your property, discuss the custom design you have in mind, make suggestions on what will best suit your needs, and then go out and purchase all of the decorations you want to incorporate into this year’s display. Our goal for Christmas decorating in Franklin is to design a yard and light display that you’ll absolutely love. To achieve this, you can choose from a wide range of products, including:

  • A large selection of Christmas lights
  • Wreaths
  • Garland
  • Custom lighting products

We’ll Make Your Home the Finest On The Block

Here at Southern Spray, we’re used to making our client’s properties the nicest on the block. On top of providing lawn care services, we’re also able to make your house stand out from the bunch through our festive Christmas decorations. Our technicians will map out a design in accordance to the display you have in mind, and we’ll make sure it highlights the features of your home. To make Christmas decorating completely hassle-free, we will:

  • Install all lights on your home
  • Make sure your display is safe and not a fire-hazard
  • Install and program timers on the lights
  • Hang garland and wreaths
  • Custom fit lights to your home

Leave Cleanup and Storage to Us

When the holidays are over—the presents have all been given, the carols have been sung, the food has all been eaten – you are left with cleaning up and taking everything down. Don’t let this get you down or ruin the joy that the holidays have brought you! With our help, you won’t have to take down the decorations, tie up the lights, or store them. We will keep all of your Christmas decorations in our climate controlled warehouse, and even replace bulbs that go out! Throughout the year, we stay up-to-date on the latest ideas in Christmas decorations and are in constant contact with our lighting and decoration suppliers.

So do you want to spend your nights and weekends decorating for Christmas, or would you rather spend that time with your family? 

Get a free quote on Christmas decorating services today!

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