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Does your lawn need a boost?

Has winter made your landscape look drab? If your lawn is looking rough or worn down, our aeration services in Germantown are the answer. Aeration will provide your lawn with the breath of fresh air that your yard desperately needs. Here at Southern Spray, we know how to turn your lawn into the vibrant, thick green carpet of grass that every homeowner wants. Don’t let it suffer any longer!

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Aeration in Germantown

With over 40 years in the industry, we know how hard the Tennessee climate can be on a lawn. That’s why we designed our aeration services in Germantown around rejuvenating even the toughest lawns. If your lawn is victim of any of the following conditions, it could benefit from aeration:

  • Compacted, hard soil
  • Worn spots from heavy foot traffic and pets
  • Brown spots in places that receive direct sunlight
  • Bad drainage, partial shade, or sloped areas
  • Lawns with winter damage that aren't coming out of dormancy well

How Aeration Works

Over time, it gets harder and harder for your lawn to absorb the water, air, fertilizer, and nutrients that it needs to thrive. With our aeration in Germantown, we’ll break up the thatch in your grass that is prohibiting your lawn from receiving these nutrients. Here’s how it works:

  • Aeration creates thousands of small holes in your yard
  • These holes allow water, air, fertilizer, and nutrients easier access to your grass’ roots
  • This allows your lawn access to these nutrients and helps the roots grow deeper into the soil
  • Deeper roots means healthier grass
  • After a few rainfalls, the holes melt back into your lawn

The Best Customer Service

Here at Southern Spray, our team of licensed and trained professionals are some of the best in the area. Our technicians live here in Tennessee and understand what our lawns need in order to be vibrant. Aside from providing our customers with beautiful yards all year round, we deliver friendly, compassionate customer service to all of our clients. We are a results-driven, family owned business, and take pride in both the relationships we create and the beautiful lawns that we maintain.

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